August 17, 2012

Inspiration Mood Board

Well, this is it! There are (hopefully) going to be some changes around here. Starting... now!

From today, I am whole heartily going to start doing regular blog posts. Well, it definitely won't be too regular, as blogging is obviously not my forté! It will be slightly more manageable, once a week. In order to keep this promise to myself, I have devised a plan.

The plan is, depending on which week of the month it is, you can expect to see a particular style of post. For example, this week (Week 3) will be my Inspiration Mood Board! So, the 3rd week of each month, I will post a new inspiration mood board. Week 4 might be, for example, Behind The Scenes type post, showing images of a sneak peek look at a new Harvest Haversack product. (I haven't worked out the different categories yet.)

So, first off the ranks is the Inspiration Mood Board - it is a collection, which has a connecting theme,  of things that has been inspiring and influencing me this month. Such as; a certain colour, pattern, texture, a place, food, an era, a film, a culture... anything I find on my mood board!

This month's mood board is a beautiful colour combo of Aqua and Pink. Hopefully, very (very!) soon I will be launching my brand new website. Exciting! There are just a few more things to finish on it. Since I've been focusing a lot of my time on my site this month, I've found tones of aqua and pink currently all over my work and I am totally loving it!

1 - Beach umbrella iPad case by Elle Moss
2 - Locomotor by Kirra Jamison
3 - Summer shoes by Kuwaii
4 - Travel nail polish set by Kate Spade / Poppy King
5 - My designer / freelancer business cards which match the colours of my brand new website!
6 - Australian Galahs

Also, you can follow me on Pinterest, which is basically a HUGE inspiration mood board!

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handmade romance said...

such wonderful colours! i love that your mood board includes galahs. they are adorable and remind me of growing up in the country : )