May 09, 2013

BOOKS: Funny books I've loved recently

Good books are sometimes hard to find.

Where did the past 6 month go? I have been super busy with my new business, Harvest Haversack. It has been a crazy fun and crazy stressful period. I'm currently taking much needed time out to do some freelance design work and to also create some new things for Harvest Haversack.

I've also decided to start a Harvest Haversack specific blog here, and leave this as more of a personal / design related blog. So, let's see how it goes....

I'm turning 33 in a month and I've just realised that I didn't really have many female role models when I was growing up (apart from my mum and sisters), so I think I must be making up for it now because I am OBSESSED with ladies who are totally killing it. e.g., Zooey, Molly and Sophia at Hello Giggles - it's such a great site for teenage girls. I also LOVE the colour pink now which I didn't when I was young, and nail art, I never used to paint my nails. Weird.

Now, I know these books have been out for awhile and everyone's probably read them, but I've really enjoyed reading them recently. Mindy and Tina are super funny, smart and ambitious, which I really admire. Also, I saw Mike at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in March and his show was great, and the book is even funnier. ♦

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