March 14, 2014


I'm currently busy working on artwork for the new Zebras album which is (finally!) due for release in the next month or so. I'm not going to give too much away, but it is going to be a watercolour painting. I love painting in watercolours. When done well, it can yield such delicate yet striking results. I don't paint as often as I'd like, but when something like this comes along which forces me to make time, I simply fall in love with this lovely malleable medium all over again.

Before I start any project I usually do a bit of inspiration digging to get the brain and hands working. Because I'm using watercolours, I've been looking at a lot of soft, smudgy, dribbles with contrast. So, I thought I'd share some great finds I've been pinning.

Everything, all at once by Belinda Marshall.

My opinion about you by agnes-cecile. Also, check out her YouTube channel for wonderful time-lapse videos.

This thing called art is really dangerous by agnes-cecile.

Ken Jarvela by Jim McVicker via The Watercolor Gallery.

Flash by Vanessa Prager.

Skymning and Gryning Wallpapers by Sandberg via Flodeau.

Our Neighborhood by Paul Rouphail.

Pink, illustrated by John Seares Riley, 1967 via here.

I also can't take my eyes off Alex Prager's super stylised photography at this moment. Her work is everything I love; art-house films, 60s/70s fashion, old cars, bright colours, emotional eyes and unusual shapes. Both of the Prager sisters (Alex and Vanessa) are a big influence for me. And, Alex is self-taught. Amazing.

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