June 25, 2015

Fashion Illustration: Soft pink and blue jeans

Working on minimal colour palette and leaving more white paper in this watercolour illustration. The non-permanent ink pen worked beautifully - loved how it ran everywhere.

June 23, 2015

Painting: Gucci Girl

'Gucci Girl' - her hair didn't turn out exactly as I'd imagined. This 'granny' look from Gucci is so great and I love the addition of the beanie.

June 18, 2015


Good news, everyone - I got some Windsor & Newton watercolour paints for my birthday! I couldn’t wait to start this illustration of a gorgeous japanese/space inspired creation from the London College of Fashion BA15 graduates catwalk found on the ASVOF blog.

June 17, 2015


Last summer I took a cheap disposable film camera to the beach. The colours on the horizon were so beautiful. I only recently got the negatives developed and I love the scratchy, graininess of the 35mm film which gives this photo the perfect nostalgic feeling, because at the moment hot, sunny beach days seem like a forgotten past.

June 09, 2015

Fashion Illustration: Vintage Child

My illustration inspired by a really cute photo from UK Etsy seller Vintage Child who make great lookin’ leather bags. Love this ginormous bag!

June 03, 2015

Fashion Illustration: Saint Laurent

This Saint Laurent outfit trending on Style.com is PERFECT! Absolutely love everything about it - the jacket, dress, brooch, makeup, the colours, it's so perfect.

Also, I'm working on my restraint. Less paint is more.

June 02, 2015

Fashion Illustration: Oscar de la Renta

Love this look from Oscar de la Renta's Resort '16 range.